Hello and welcome to Frets Guitar Tuition. Based in Bar Hill near Cambridge, I offer guitar tuition to students of all ages and abilities. Lessons take place in my dedicated teaching studio, which is comfortable and well equiped for guitar lessons.

About Me

Image of Dan teachingMy name is Dan and I've been playing guitar for 20 years, and teaching for over 10 years. Since graduating from Leeds College of Music with a degree in music I've been teaching full time. I've taught hundreds of students of all ages, and have worked in music schools, primary schools, secondary schools, and F.E colleges. I've also given workshops on guitar playing and songwriting for the Cambridge Youth Music Project at The Junction. I love music and I love teaching. You can find out more about my approach to teaching by clicking here.


Dan performing at the BBC

BA Honours Degree in Jazz - Leeds College of Music

Higher Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance - The Guitar Institute, London

PTTLS Teaching certificate

A Level Music

A Level Music Technology

GCSE Music

Musical Experience

Dan performing

During my musical career I've played in all kinds of bands, from small trios to Jazz Big Bands, and I've also covered a variety of styles, from Classic Rock to Hip Hop, and even North Indian and Latin groups. These days I keep things simple though, and although I occasionally do some session work in the studio, most of my efforts go into writing and performing as a solo singer-songwriter. I've released 3 albums so far and I have just started working on a 4th. I've been lucky enough to have toured all over the UK, Europe and the USA, and I've played at some of the best festivals in the UK.

You can find out more about my music by visiting danwilde.net

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