Do you teach all styles?

Yes, I teach both classical and popular styles. Popular styles include Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Acoustic and Funk.

Do you teach electric or acoustic guitar?

Both. I usually recommend starting on an acoustic guitar, either a nylon string or steel string guitar depending on the styles you want to play. But I also teach electric guitar.

Do I need my own guitar or can you provide one?

I can provide one at the very beginning but in order to improve you need to be able to practise on your own guitar between lessons. 

Will I need to buy my own books?

I have a lot of teaching material to choose from so you won’t need to buy your own books. However, I may recommend a book if I feel like it will benefit you.

Do you teach grades?

Yes, I teach all the popular graded syllabus’ including ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool. 

Do you teach all levels?

I teach up to and including grade 8, so unless you’ve already gone beyond that I will be able to teach you.

Is my child old enough to start learning?

It really depends as every child is different. Generally I would say 7 is a good age to start but I have had some success with younger students so I wouldn’t want to rule it out. 

Do you teach theory, sight-reading and aural skills?

Yes, and enjoy doing so. All of the so called boring stuff is not boring when it’s applied and used in one’s playing.

Can I learn the songs I want to learn?

Yes, we may have to do a bit of groundwork first but the goal is always to get you playing music you love.

Do I have to have weekly lessons?

Generally it’s better as it provides continuity and I can pick up on any mistakes before they become bad habits. But if you can’t just get in touch and we can discuss it

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