What my students say...

Dan makes leaning guitar what it should be – fun! By taking time to find out the types of music you like he is able to introduce new chords and techniques through playing songs you enjoy rather than just endless repetition. As a result you are able to quickly sound good and feel as though you are making progress rather than growing frustrated and impatient which often happens when trying to learn a new skill. As well as detailed and thorough technical musical knowledge he is able to offer tips and tricks from his long experience as a talented performer and songwriter that few have in their repertoire. I also recommend buying one of his CD's
Tim Corby
I have played guitar for a few years but have not had any lessons. I started to lose interest as I felt there had been no improvement in my playing. Since I started Guitar lessons with Dan my understanding of both music theory and playing the guitar has helped me to make big improvements in my playing. In my first lesson I explained to Dan where I thought I was in my guitar playing and what I would like to achieve. I find Dan a great teacher and he certainly has inspired me to want to learn more. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Dan to anyone who is either starting to play guitar or would like to take their playing to a higher level. Dan is a great guitarist and an excellent Teacher
Stuart Davis
We've been very impressed by Dan. He's really had a big influence on George and we've noticed that George is spending more and more time practicing. We wanted Geroge to learn the songs that he likes to play, but we were also keen for him to learn to read music. George wasn't so keen on the idea, but Dan has managed to make it fun. He did this by playing musical games which actually became one of George's favourite lesson activities. Not only that, Dan has also been very reliable, professional and fair.
George Norman
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